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As the City of Edmonton relaunches Arena operations, we ask for your full cooperation and commitment to follow the new facility guidelines of the Alberta Health Services Phase 2 reopening. Our first priority is the health and safety of our customers, users, and employees. Please review the additional City of Edmonton Arena Guidelines below:

Physical Distancing:

Maintain 2-meter physical distancing between people, except those who reside in the same household or who belong to an existing cohort.

Limit Contact only 50 people:

Where sports and activities cannot be modified to maintain distance, groups must limit the number of contacts between different participants. This is done by playing within sport cohorts of up to 50 people including participants, officials, coaches, and trainers. Only 50 people will be allowed on the ice at one time.

Pre-screening measures:

Stay home if you are sick or displaying any symptoms of COVID-19. Follow the prescreen procedures outlined by your organization or Alberta Health Services.

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

Additional cleaning and sanitizing measures will be in place to ensure a safe and health environment for everyone. Arena staff will be disinfecting all areas of the arena and common touch points in between users.

Arrival Times:

Players and coaches can enter the facility 15 minutes before their booking and must exit the facility 15 minutes after their booking. Facilities will promote physical distancing by promoting one-way traffic flow to reduce interactions between groups. Common area chairs and tables may not be available to reduce gathering areas and to promote physical distancing.

Arrive ready to train or play:

Participants are encouraged to arrive with their required equipment on, as dressing room space will be limited to accommodate physical distancing. Groups or teams may be provided with more than 1 dressing room to allow for adequate space where possible. Bring a pre-filled, labelled water bottle. Bottle fillers are available but drinking fountains are not available.

Dressing Rooms limited:

Dressing room space will be extremely limited in order to provide greater physical distancing between individuals and groups. Shower facilities are not available. Try to minimize contacting high-touch point surfaces such as door handles and going in and out of dressing rooms. Indoor warm-up space is not available at this time.

Additional support required:

User Groups with younger children requiring assistance with skate tying should consider how to manage this within physical distancing guidelines. Skate tying prior to arrival and the use of skate guards is strongly recommended.

Limited Spectators:

Spectators will not have access to the facility until the scheduled booking time, and should exit the facility as soon as the booking time slot has ended. Spectators will not be allowed in the participant areas. Physical distancing should be maintained and masks are recommended for spectators.There is limited spectator space. Spectator areas are restricted to 25% of total seating to a maximum of 100 people as per the Alberta Health Guidelines.

All Arena Users:

Sport and recreation organizations are responsible for keeping track of all participants for each activity for the purpose of contact tracing in the event of an outbreak. Please refer to the Alberta Health Services Guidelines for COVID-19 Relaunch Guidance for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation - Stage 2 for more information: Return to Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation.

Specific-Sport Guidelines:

Many sport governing bodies have developed, or are in the process of developing sport-specific guidelines to provide direction on how their sports’ activities can be modified to comply with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Government directives regarding physical distancing and avoiding the sharing of common equipment. Groups are expected to follow the sport governing body’s guidelines with respect to these modifications. It is also the group’s responsibility, if applicable, to ensure that sanctioned activities are permitted through their association and/or sport governing body.

Please note: The City of Edmonton will continue to monitor the virus and its impacts to public health, in partnership with the The Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada. As this situation changes, we will keep you informed. Information about the City’s response can be found on City of Edmonton website COVID-19 PAGE.