Developement Camps for 2021- 2022

Listed below are the upcoming Development Camps for the 2021-2022 season. A new registration link will become available a week prior to the following Thursdays camp and will close at 12:00pm on the day of. Only 30 players will be able to register for each Development Camp. If you cannot make it, please do not sign up as you will be taking a spot from someone else. Please note, you will be routed through TeamSnap to register for the camps. The link for the next development camp will be posted below. 

There is a $10 fee for each player registering, or $15 for each Goalie registering, to help with the costs of the ice rental and for the trainers. Hired trainers will be running the development camps.

Lastly, if you have registered and are not able to attend, please reach out to your divisional director.  If you tried to register and it was full please reach out to your divisional director to be put on a waiting list.

Divisional Directors


                                        KC KNIGHTS DEVELOPMENT ICE TIMES
Thursday       07-Oct-21        TMW 17:00-18:00 U13 Edge Skating
Thursday 14-Oct-21        TMW 17:00-18:00 U11 Edge Skating
Thursday 21-Oct-21        TMW 17:00-18:00 U9 Edge Skating
Thursday 28-Oct-21        TMW        17:00-18:00      GOALIE            TBD
Thursday 11-Nov-21       TMW 17:00-18:00 U13 Puck Control
Thursday 18-Nov-21       TMW 17:00-18:00 U11 Puck Control
Thursday  25-Nov-21       TMW 17:00-18:00 U9 Puck Control
Thursday 02-Dec-21       TMW 17:00-18:00   GOALIE   TBD
Thursday 09-Dec-21       TMW 17:00-18:00   U11 Shooting
Thursday  16-Dec-21       TMW 17:00-18:00      U13 Shooting
Thursday 23-Dec-21       TMW 17:00-18:00 U9 Shooting
Thursday 06-Jan-22       TMW 17:00-18:00 GOALIE TBD
Thursday 13-Jan-22       TMW 17:00-18:00   U13 Defensive / Offensive
Thursday   20-Jan-22       TMW 17:00-18:00 U11 Defensive / Offensive
Thursday  27-Jan-22       TMW 17:00-18:00 U9 Defensive / Offensive
Thursday   03-Feb-22       TMW 17:00-18:00    GOALIE TBD
Thursday   10-Feb-22       TMW 17:00-18:00   U13 Comprehensive Development
Thursday 17-Feb-22       TMW 17:00-18:00 U11 Comprehensive Development
Thursday  24-Feb-22       TMW 17:00-18:00 U9 Comprehensive Development
Thursday   03-Mar-22    TMW 17:00-18:00     GOALIE Development