Knights Southside Hockey Association Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Deposit Program:

  • In order to fulfill the volunteer commitment, each family is required to complete 2 volunteer credits PER PLAYER registered with Knights Southside Hockey.
  • A deposit fee of $250 is required per player which is equivalent of two volunteer credits.
  • In the event that a family does not complete their volunteer commitments by March 31st, the deposit fee will be processed.
  • Once the volunteer commitments have been fulfilled, the deposit will be returned. If only one volunteer credit is completed, only half of the deposit will be returned.
  • At this time, please only sign up for your required volunteer credits. If extra shifts are available, it will be updated for volunteers to sign up.

*Coach decisions will be made in conjunction with the Category Directors & Director of Hockey Ops.

The Following positions are 2 credits:

  • Board Members including Category Directors
  • Head Coach *
  • Team Manager (U9/U11/U13)
  • Timbits - Assistant to the Director (1- Discovery Assistant, 1-Jr Timbit Assistant, 1- Sr Timbit Assistant)

The Following positions are 1 credit:

  • Assistant Coach * (up to 5 per team U7/U9/U11/U13)
  • Jersey Parent (2 per team U9/U11/U13)
  • Timekeeper (1 per team U9/ 2 per team U11/U13)
  • Bingo Shift
  • Spring on Ice Shift
  • Minor Hockey Week Shift (U9/U11/U13)
  • Timbit Jamborees (U7)

Additional Shifts may be added by Knights

Please note there WILL NOT be a Casino for the 2021-2022 season.

Volunteer opportunities for "Edm Oil King 50/50":

Volunteer opportunities for "Edmonton Oil King Chuck A Puck":

Bingo Sign up link:


Spring on Ice:

(To sign up, below are the Links, please review your players SOI schedule prior to signing up for a shift):

Timekeeping & Scorekeeping:

Arena Roles:


Any questions for volunteers, please direct to the Bingo/Casino Director (