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Alberta Government Issues Two Week Pause from Team Sports (Nov 13-27)

 Nov. 12, 2020

As per Hockey Edmonton

The Alberta Government has updated Covid-19 restrictions for various health zones across the province.

These new restrictions that come into place on Friday November 13, 2020 and will impact all EFHL Teams across the Edmonton Health Zone as the Alberta

Government has put into place a ban on all indoor team sports.

Hockey Edmonton and the Edmonton Federation Hockey League will be conducting meetings over the next number of days to determine how best to move

forward as soon as teams sports are permitted to return.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate this pandemic.

Alberta Government Restrictions Updated November 12/2020

A GoFundMe Initiative

John Putters, our President, has set up a go GoFundMe page to help subsidize those parents who otherwise would not be able to pay for hockey this year due to financial constraints due to COVID-19.  Please find the gofundme link below.  Any donation would be appreciated to help those continue in sport who otherwise would not be able to in today's economy.

Gofundme link: https://gf.me/u/yqhfzc 

To be added to a list or if you have any questions regarding this initiative, please reach out to our registrar:
Lara Spendelow registrar@knightshockey.ca 

An example of what a little generosity can do.

The first sport I ever played was baseball and my mom could only afford the registration.  Single parent, 4 boys, money was tight.  Unfortunately, she could not afford anything else at the time.  Luckily I had a coach who let me use his glove every game.  It was quite comical to watch me play in that first year... sometimes the oversized glove would stay on, other times it would fall off.  Needless to say, I fell in love with the game and that same coach noticed it as well.  He helped my mom purchase a glove that fit the following year. I played the game into my early 20s and still enjoy playing catch.  If it was not for the generosity of that coach I never would have had to opportunity to enjoy sport as much as I did.  I went on to play every other sport through high school (Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, etc.) as well as ref and coach.  I made some great friends through sport and had a chance to be coached by some amazing people.  I am forever grateful to my first coach for his generosity and compassion. 

If you have the resources, please make a small donation to help out a family who otherwise may have to sit out this year.  I've made my donation.

Gofundme link: https://gf.me/u/yqhfzc 

Tom Young
Communications Director and Coach 


Why Choose us?

It's a question many parents face... which minor hockey organization to enroll their children in?

So why choose us?

At the KC Knights, the number one goal is fun. This applies not only to the young players, but also their coaches and parents.

Being a smaller organization, we can be more personable than other larger, minor hockey organizations. Also being a smaller organization our teams are smaller by nature which in turn provides the the kids more ice time.  Many members have created lifelong friendships, lasting long past when their children's minor hockey careers are over.

We offer one of the lowest introductory registration rates going. This allows your youngster to learn to skate if required and try the game of hockey, without a major financial cost to the parents.

In the summer, the KC Knights hold conditioning camps for players at a very low cost. This allows the young stars to work out the kinks of summer vacation and be prepared for the upcoming season. We also purchase extra ice time for the teams, whenever possible.

The Knights are part of a larger organization in our city, the Knights of Columbus. That gives us access to our own arena. It's 60 years of tradition... and stability!

When it comes time to enroll your child in hockey, we hope you'll consider choosing the Knights. Feel free to contact our President if you have any questions. John can be reached at president@knightshockey.ca

Atom team wins

We cannot succeed without volunteers

Every year a new crop of players comes up through the system and existing players flourish as they get older.  It's exciting for parents to see the growth in their child through the years but it cannot be done without volunteers.  I started coaching about 7 years ago after taking a 22 year break from skating... it's not like riding a bike let me tell you.  I was little wobbly at first but with each passing year improved along with the kids.  I still fall from time to time, and the kids get a good laugh from it.  If you've not been on skates in a few years don't let that hold you back from helping out. It's great exercise as well.

As teams are formed there will be requests for extra coaches, jersey parents, time keepers, tournament parent, etc.  Please do not sit on your hands when the call comes. Volunteering for these positions makes the year run so much smoother for all involved, including the players.  At the end of the year there is a volunteer appreciation dinner for all who helped out as a thank you for your time and effort.

Coaches are always needed at the younger levels and if the main excuse is you do not have time, you'll be surprised how much time you do have.  You may also think you are not as agile as you used to be... that does not matter, you're more agile then those players learning to skate.  You say you've never played hockey competitively but can skate or maybe you were a figure skater... perfect, they need you on the ice.

When asked to help out, please step up and be there for your kids and your team.  There is a large support system in our organization if you're just nervous about taking on a task.  Just reach out to your board, we'll be more than happy to help or answer any questions you may have.


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